01 | 22 | 2022
22:16 CST

Added more so-called "easter eggs". They're really just a part of the overall Bubblyskulls experience here at our Neocities hub, but not items that are obvious or necessarily linear in the typical "browsing" sense. Cleaned up some bits of code on a few pages that were just annoying on the back end of things but have not impacted the user experience. We are really hoping at least some of these little tucked away secret stop-offs here evolve into a sort of community or another. Please be active if you stumble on them, let's build together.

If you've been following along, you will know about the fiasco that is Teepublic closing down our shop to sell Bubblyskulls merch. To be clear, the Bubblyskull icon and brand are 15+ years old and appear nowhere we have not personally approved of. But Teepublic decided to close our shop directly after we created it and ordered some materials for ourselves to check out, so that we could speak from personal experience about the quality and sizing and all of that. This closure was based on supposed copyright infringement or the like. In the order we placed for our own stuff we also ordered a shirt from someone selling merch that featured artwork, graphics, and namesake from the anime Serial Experiments Lain. That shop is still open. We reached out regarding our shop closure and have not heard back. We thought, with how close the timing was forour order and the shop closure that maybe it just wouldn't see print and we'd be in some limbo and lose our money. But, no! Both shirts were printed are en route as we type. Stay tuned...

01 | 19 | 2022
23:03 CST

Added the first handful of so-called "easter eggs" to the Neocities hub here. Working ever more towards an online interactive art experience and true community in the ways of the internet gone by. More to come, and in short order, so don't start nappin' just yet. Still no word back from Teepublic and the silence and duration of it are starting to piss me off as I look at all this copywritten work being sold - and promoted - on their platform. FUCK.

01 | 19 | 2022
18:37 CST

Teepublic cancelled and closed the Bubblyskulls storefront on claims that I am selling copywritten work that is not my own. Which is laughable since I am sure it is George Lucas and/or Disney selling all of the Star Wars designs available on their platform. I have reached out to clear things up, but do not have much hope. I ordered a shirt for myself with a Bubblyskull on it and after I placed the order is when the store was shut down and I have not seen my money refunded or any mention of it in the email I got from Teepublic. Stay tuned...

01 | 18 | 2022
22:30 CST

It is not yet linked to the greater Bubblyskulls hub on Neocities, but the Teepublic shop has been set up. We chose Teepublic because they serve sizes for the bigger people in the crowd in addition to all the smaller and more average or normal sizes, whatever that even means. We placed our first personal order tonight in order to get a feel for the quality and so forth, stay tuned for further intel. Still no movement on a remedy for the home PC, things are looking dire and delayed and starting from scratch. Technology is amazing, why can't I back up my mind already yet tho?

01 | 18 | 2022
01:15 CST

Created and/or sourced all of the little icons under the bubblyskulls left over to do on their pages after the last update. Added the blinking cursor link to the changelog here. On every single page. Because why not. Home PC is still a shitter. Probable that we'll be able to retrieve data, which is incredible. But man, the new job has been nothing but riddled with hardware and software issues that are just finally almost all ironed out. And now we gotta do it all over for the home PC so we can keep this ship afloat. Uffda. No rest for the wicked OR the well intended.

01 | 16 | 2022
18:57 CST

Created the changelog page you see before you. Created or sourced and then added small animated gifs and bits of text to a good number of the 100 unique pages, much more to come - today yet, even. Homebase PC took a crapper, so utilizing the work machine as much as we can moving forward before we return to the office, hoping to be able to pick up a new home machine before then so I can continue our work here.

01 | 01 | 2022
00:01 CST